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Enjoy access to your entire home with a Bruno home elevator!

Bruno home elevators are a comfortable, elegant solution whether you need to reach an upstairs bedroom or downstairs living area. Available in three sizes - Classic, XL and Compact - the Bruno Connect home elevator series delivers a smooth ride and can be installed almost anywhere. 

Supported by Bruno's expert local dealers, home elevators can help you stay and thrive in the home that you love. 

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Home Elevator Models

Connect Classic Home Elevator

Bruno Connect Classic home elevators offer a premium design that seamlessly blends into your home. The Connect Classic home elevator effortlessly transports two users between floors and has available options to further maximize comfort.

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Connect XL Home Elevator

The Bruno Connect XL home elevator features an oversized, elegantly crafted cab ready to accommodate two users. Multiple options are available to ensure passage between floors of your home has never been easier.  

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Connect Compact Home Elevator

The Bruno Connect Compact home elevator is a mix of stylish design, functionality and ease-of-use operation. The Connect Compact can be installed almost anywhere in the home and provides a single rider comfortable floor-to-floor access.

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Home Elevator  | FAQ

How much does a home elevator cost?

The cost of adding a home elevator varies depending on the site prep requirements, the elevator model type and options. On average, home elevators start at approximately $35,000, installed. Local Bruno Connect home elevator dealers will provide a free-of-charge quote based on the specific needs of you and your home.

Where Can a Bruno Connect Home Elevator Be Located?

Add an elevator to nearly any space in your home. A structural wall is not needed because a Bruno Connect elevator glides along a freestanding rail system. It’s possible to retrofit nearly any home with a Bruno Connect home elevator.

Are Bruno Connect Home Elevator Quiet?

Thanks to quality materials and remarkable engineering, Bruno Connect home elevators are extremely quiet. From start to finish, you will enjoy a smooth and nearly soundless ride.

What is the Weight Capacity of a Bruno Connect Elevator?

All Bruno Connect elevators – the Compact, Classic and XL -- boast a 500lb weight capacity.

Will the Home Elevator Work in a Power Outage?

A regular household 110v outlet powers a Bruno Connect home elevator. If there is an electrical outage in your home; however, the battery-back up will allow the lift to lower.

What Are Safety Features in the Bruno Connect Home Elevator?

An "interlock door system" prevents the elevator from moving if the doors are not properly closed and secured. In addition, Bruno Connect elevators come standard with an emergency phone in the cab and a battery backup system lowers the cab in a power outage.