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Stair Lift Cost

Stair lift cost typically varies based on five import factors: staircase configuration, model type, lift capacity, custom options & installation.

We recommend everyone interested in a stair lift purchase contact a local Bruno dealer to determine the best fit for their needs. Bruno dealers across the U.S. and Canada offer free quotes, free in-home consultations and expert service.

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Stair Lift Cost | Mr. Stairlift Video

How much do stair lifts cost?

Matt Capelle (aka Mr. Stairlift) from Bruno Independent Living Aids details key components that influence the cost of a stair lift, such as staircase configuration, stair lift model type, lift capacity, available options and stair lift installation.

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Stair Lift Cost | Staircase Configuration

Bruno Elan stairlift at the bottom of a carpeted staircase
  • Straight Staircases. Straight stairways are the most common, least complex stairlift applications, generally resulting in the lowest stair lift prices. Standard Bruno straight rails fit most homes, but longer rails may be required for longer stairways.

  • Staircases with Landings. Many staircases feature straight steps leading to a landing, followed by more steps to the top. Best practice for this type of configuration is a curved stairlift that rides continuously from top to bottom. While two straight stair lifts may be more economical, it does require transferring from one stairlift to another in the middle of a staircase.

  • Curved or Spiral Staircases. Curved or spiral staircases are often the most complex and expensive stair lift applications. The length of the staircase, number of turns and degree of angle changes all contribute to curved stair lift prices. A best-in-class curved stairlift will feature a handmade rail that follows every angle of your specific staircase to ensure maximum open space.

Stair Lift Cost | Model Type

Elan stairlift at bottom of steps and man riding curved stairlift
  • Standard Stair Lifts. A standard stairlift model should offer the functionality, safety features and reliability most people desire.

    While “basic” stairlift models are often the least expensive straight stair lifts in a brand's product lineup, they should fit the comfort and service needs for most people. Reputable companies offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty even on their basic models.

  • Premium Stair Lifts. Because a premium model stairlift is a step above the basic model in comfort, weight capacity and performance, it will cost more than a standard stairlift.

    For people looking for heavy weight capacity or adjustable comfort seating, an upgraded stairlift model is worth the additional cost. Also, many premium stair lift offer customizable features not offered with basic model, such as available power options or custom chair colors.

Stair Lift Cost | Lift Capacity

Bruno Elite indoor stairlift parked on a staircase
  • 300 lb/136 kg Lift Capacity. Lift capacity is a defining factor in the overall cost of stair lift purchase. Many users select models like the Bruno Elan, which are straight indoor stair lifts rated for a 300 lb lift (136kg) capacity and can be quickly installed by a local dealer. 

  • 400 lb/181 kg Lift Capacity. Higher lift capacity stair lifts tend to cost more than their lower-capacity counterparts due to the technical enhancements used to construct the lift. With more powerful motors, larger batteries and heavier-duty components, stairlifts in the 400 lb lift capacity range are a great option for users searching comfort and a smooth ride.

    Straight stair lifts in this range may be in stock at a local dealership, but custom curved stair lifts with a 400 lb capacity will be custom orders crafted to precisely fit your home. The time between order placement and installation for curved units is typically several weeks. 

Stair Lift Cost | Available Options

Woman riding a Bruno Elite curved indoor stair lift on a landing
  • Power Options. People often fold up the arms, seat and footrest of their stairlift when not in use. Rather than leaning over to manually fold the footrest, a “power footrest” automatically flips up when the seat is folded. All stairlift seats manually swivel at the top landing, but a “power swivel” is an ideal way for people with limited dexterity or leg power to effortlessly rotate their seat. 

  • Folding Rail Option. If the bottom of a straight stair lift rail creates an obstruction, a manual or power folding rail can be added which allows the lower section of rail to retract and stack neatly out of the way.

  • Size-Specific Options. A larger seat and/or larger footrest are options often considered to add comfort for specific body types.

  • Rail Configuration Options. Best-in-class curved rail stairlifts are handmade and can include options that extending the rail or wrap it around a corner. This can enhance both the safety of exiting and parking the stairlift out of view. 

Stair Lift Cost | Installation

Bruno Elan stair lift with man in living room and woman on outdoor stair lift
  • Installation & Delivery. When a dealer presents a final price for a stair lift, it will generally include the cost of the lift itself, any desired or required options, delivery and installation.

    Delivery and installation will generally occur on the same day, with straight stair lifts installing in 2-4 hours and curved stair lifts commonly talking 4-8 hours. 

  • Permits or Site Prep. Some states and provinces require special permitting for stair lifts which would be in addition to the normal cost of the stairlift and installation.

    In other situations, such as for outdoor stair lifts or indoor stair lift that may need a power outlet added nearby, site prepation may need to be completed prior to the install date. We recommend every individual interested in a stair lift purchase contact a local Bruno dealer who can help arrange and manage these details on their behalf. 

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