How Are Stair Lifts Installed?

Stair lift expert, Matt Capelle, explains how Bruno stairlifts are secured to your staircase.

Mr. Stairlift: How Are Stairlifts Installed?

People contemplating a stair lift purchase are often concerned that the rail will be affixed to the staircase wall. In reality, stair lift rails are secured onto the tread of the stairs and require no modification to the home.

Bruno’s Elan indoor stair lift features an ultra-narrow rail that installs only 2.5 inches from the wall – the closest in the stairlift industry – so it’s easy to understand the confusion! Since the stair lift rail can be installed snug to the wall, it frees up maximum space on the staircase for family, friends and pets.

Each Bruno stairlift is attached to the stair tread with clamps, sometimes called “feet.” When a factory-trained Bruno dealer technician installs a Bruno stairlift, they know to use the fewest number of clamps possible on the stairs while still maintaining a safe, smooth ride.

Having a Bruno stair lift installed creates minimum impact on your steps, but maximum impact on the quality of your life!

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