How Can I Personalize My Stair Lift?

Learn how you can personalize a stair lift with customizable options to best meet your needs.​

Mr. Stairlift: How Can I Personalize My Stairlift?

A standard Bruno stair lift takes the struggle out of climbing stairs and gives reliable performance well into the future, but Bruno also offers multiple options to personalize the chairlift to your needs.

One of the most popular options for Bruno straight indoor stairlifts is the addition of a folding rail. A stair lift rail extends beyond the last step at the bottom of a staircase to allow a person to safely exit. If the rail causes an obstruction to a nearby doorway or narrow walkway, adding a folding rail is recommended.

Bruno folding rails are available in manual or power versions. With a power folding rail, the bottom rail automatically lifts, retracts and “stacks” on the main rail, eliminating any obstruction. The same action can be performed by hand with a manual folding rail.

Often stair lifts are folded when not in use to leave maximum open space on the steps. After flipping up the stairlift arms and seat, a standard stair lift requires you to lean over and fold the footrest. By adding the “power folding footrest” option, the footrest automatically folds when the seat is flipped up. This is a particularly nice option for people with back problems. 

Another available option is a power swivel seat. Rather than pulling a level and manually swiveling Bruno’s offset, swivel seat 90 degrees to exit the stairlift, a power swivel seat will do the work for you.

Adding a folding rail or power options are the most common ways to customize a Bruno stair lift, but you can also customize fabric choices, footrest size and more.

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